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Ceramco’s Ceramic Solutions at Work

Ceramco ceramic components overcome corrosion and wear

Corrosion & Wear:

Overcoming electrochemical oxidation, polymer degradation and/or impingement attack are all problems solved with a Ceramco OEM ceramic part engineered to withstand the strongest acids, sea water and other chemicals, significantly reducing equipment failure and the associated maintenance costs.

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Ceramco ceramic components for high and low voltage applications

Electrical Insulation:

Ceramco OEM ceramic parts are already insulating 70eV to 300kV and can handle anything more, less or any voltage in between. Ceramco’s OEM ceramic parts are non-conductive, gas-tight (non-outgassing) inert and defect-free, for zero electrical conduction and zero application interference.

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Ceramco ceramic components for thermal insulation

Thermal Insulation:

Whether it is with (or without) a concern for thermal shock, Ceramco has the OEM ceramic part solution. Ceramco specializes in both refractory and fully dense ceramic formulations and (when required) also addresses the issue of thermal conductivity by engineering the proper material blends.

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People Making it Happen

Ceramco OEM ceramic parts have a long history of problem-solving in many specialized industries. However, where our people really shine is in the engineering and manufacturing of problem-preventing ceramic parts. Working with Ceramco during a part’s design phase will show you just how bright our people really are.

Ready to Make it Happen for You

Do you need a quotation on your print for an OEM ceramic part? Submit an RFQ now, or contact Ceramco. You'll be greeted by a courteous customer service specialist ready to provide immediate, personal assistance. Ceramco specializes in manufacturing OEM ceramic parts with complex geometries, matching the appropriate forming process to your order's specifications and quantity:

Ceramco's Forming Process Methods

Ceramco’s LPIM near-net shaping
Semi-automated, low to medium
volume injection molding

Ceramco’s HPIM near-net shaping
Fully automated, high volume
injection molding

Ceramco’s microPIM near-net shaping
Semi-automated, high volume
injection molding ≥ 0.05 grams

Ceramco’s additive manufacturing/3D manufacturing
Additive service bureau… 3D printing
prototypes & production quantities